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eBay Logo IconSinging Wolf Australia have been selling items via online auction since 1998. We started on where we had 1000's of positive feedback's and not one negative. Now we use eBay as has closed down. We have achieved the recommendation of eBay by being given the silver level "POWER SELLER" seal so you have extra proof that you will be satisfied with your purchase. Since we started in 1998 we have sold more than 10,000 items to over 8,000 different customers.
We now specialise in imported DVD's and Video Games from Canada, UK and the USA. We are also an authorised Australia reseller of computer products from: Acer, Adobe, Allied Telesyn, Altec Lansing, APC, Apple, Belkin, Brother, Canon, Cisco, D-Link, Hitachi, Iomega, LaCie, LG, Macromedia, Microsoft, MYOB, Netgear, Novell, Peach, Samsung, Sandisk, Symantec and Verbatim. We can supply just about any item from these companies for around 10%-50% off the retail price. ALL the DVDs, Video Games and Computer Products sold by Singing Wolf are OFFICIAL and Authorised Products !

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To help with your eBay purchase from us we have the following pages available:

For ebay user ID: singingwolf-online:
SingingWolf-Online Auction Frequently Asked Questions
SingingWolf-Online Known Processing Delays
SingingWolf-Online Unknown/Unassigned Payments

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For ebay user ID: the_singing_wolf: CLOSED
The_Singing_Wolf Auction Frequently Asked Questions
The_Singing_Wolf Known Processing Delays
The_Singing_Wolf Unknown/Unassigned Payments

Why do we have more than one eBay user ID ?
Singing Wolf operate from different locations within Sydney Australia. Each user ID's listed items are in different locations therefore these items can not be combined and payment and other details vary.

Featured Product

Due South Icon Managers Special: All 4 Due South Seasons on DVD. Special Offer: Until 31st August 2015 you can buy all 4 Seasons/68 Episodes (Echo Bridge Version) for only $59.99 (40% off !!) and it includes Postage if paying by direct deposit. Conditions: While stocks last. Sorry, max two special packs per person. All prices are in Australian Dollars. All DVDs are Region 1. All Prices include post around Australia (Direct Deposit only). >> Buy Now!<<

Last Updated: Friday, 5th February 2016