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DVD Video

DVD Video Icon Welcome to the Singing Wolf DVD Video site. Here you will gain access to Australia's largest number of DVD distributers worldwide. We can source any available DVD title and offer great service, and pricing in Australian Dollars. For your comfort and security all items are shipped from Australia. Singing Wolf DVD act as a buyers advocate enabling us to purchase DVDs on your behalf. As we have such a large number of distrubuters to choose from, as well as ordering in bulk, we can offer all these titles at greatly reduced prices.

We currently have over 60 titles online with many more Coming Soon! In the meantime, please see our exciting range of DVDs:

Addams Family IconAddams Family [1991] and Addams Family Values [1993] Twin Pack DVD [1 Item]

ALF IconALF Full Series - Season 1-4 Box Sets [4 Items]

Crocodile Dundee IconCrocodile Dundee 1, 2 and 3 DVDs [4 Items]

Due South IconDue South Full Series - Season 1-4 Box Sets [9 Items]

Enemy Mine IconEnemy Mine [1985] - a Wolfgang Petersen Film Featuring Dennis Quaid with extra Alien Nation DVD [1 Item]

Gia IconGia [1998] - Starring Angelina Jolie [1 Item]

K-9 IconK-9, K911 and K9 P.I The Patrol Pack DVD Starring James Belushi [1 Item]

The L Word IconL Word, The - Season 1-6 DVD Box Sets [6 Items]

Mannequin IconMannequin [1987] - Featuring Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall, Mannequin 2 Featuring Meshach Taylor and William Ragsdale [1 Item]

Mr. Accident IconMr. Accident - Starring Yahoo Serious DVD [Another Great Australian Movie from the late 90's] [1 Item]

The Shield IconShield, The - Season 1-7 DVD Box Sets [9 Items] -

Tremors IconTremors: Attack Pack 4 Movie DVD Set [1 Item] -

Deal Of The Month

Alf Icon New Year Special: Until 31st August 2015 Save over 25% on all 4 Seasons of ALF the Live Action TV Show on DVD now just $116.95 plus FREE postage if paying by direct deposit. Conditions: While stocks last. Sorry, max two special packs per person. All prices are in Australian Dollars. All DVDs are Region 1. All Prices include post around Australia (Direct Deposit only). >> Buy Now!<<

Last Updated: Friday, 27th September 2019