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Latest Site News and Updates

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Audio CD Section

7th January 2007

New CD's Added

Many new CD's have now been added including CD's by Prince, Janet Jackson, THE 12th Man and many more. Over 35 CD's now available priced from just $1.99 including postage. Check out our Audio CD Section to pickup some great bargains.

DVD Video Section

13th April 2008

7 New DVD's Added

Today we add the family favourite Garfield. Also new today is the The L Word Series DVD Box Sets. We have all 4 seasons of this world famous show and season 5 is coming soon. Finally today we added Buck Rogers 5 Disc DVD Set. This set (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Complete Series) includes every episode from both Season 1 and 2 of this classic 80's TV show.

28th January 2007

2 New DVD's Added

Two great new DVD's have been added to our site. Both classic movies for the 80's and currently unavailable in Australia until now. First we have Mannequin from 1987 featuring Andrew McCarthy, James Spader (Boston Legal) and Kim Cattrall (Sex and the City). Then we have Enemy Mine from 1985 featuring Dennis Quaid. This one of Wolfgang Petersen best films and a true family classic.

13th January 2007

9 New DVD's Added

Today we add the family favourite Gumby TV Series DVD's. We currently have 7 DVD's featuring many classic episodes from this great TV Series. Also new today is the MTV Video Music Awards Hip-Pop DVD. This DVD features world famous artists like Britney Spears, Jamiroquai, MC Hammer, Shakira and many more all performing hits songs at the MTV Music Awards. Finally today we added King Kong - Peter Jackson's Production Diaries 2 Disc DVD Set. This set shows an unprecedented behind-the-scenes journey in this beautifully crafted, limited edition work of art. The DVD details an exciting, exclusive first-hand account of the intense 8-month production process of the most anticipated film of 2005.

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